Dessert Bar 6 Packs
Dessert Bar 6 Packs
Dessert Bar 6 Packs
Mob Wife 100% Gluten Free Raspberry Pate Chocolate Mud Base
Black Widow 100% Gluten Free Black Velvet Brownie Coffee Caramel Dark Chocolate
Mafia Darling 100% Gluten Free White Chocolate Salted Caramel Vanilla Biscuit
The Don 100% Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Ganache Caramel Slice Roasted Hazelnuts
Dessert Bar 6 Packs

Dessert Bar 6 Packs

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Pick your favourite dessert bars and get 6 of them.

Our boys have nuts and the girls don't.

The Mistress - Tangy Lemon Passionfruit Curd on a Vanilla Biscuit and Hand Dipped in Coconut

Mob Wife - Raspberry Pate Layer on Decadent Chocolate Mud

Black Widow - Black Velvet Brownie, Coffee Caramel and Tempered Dark Chocolate 

Mafia Darling - White Chocolate and Pink Salted Caramel on a Vanilla Biscuit 

Bad Boy Brownies - Milk Choc Chunk and Roasted Almond in our Signature Decadent Brownie (Nuts)

The Don - Dark Chocolate Ganache, Roasted Hazelnuts suspended in Caramel on a Chewy Chocolate Base (Nuts)

Each Pack contains 6 of the same Dessert Bars that are 8 x 3cm each. Sizes are approximate and appearances may vary as each piece is hand made. 

Certified 100% Gluten Free.

Allergens: Eggs, nuts, dairy. Halal.

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