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Mafia Family Addiction Pack
The Mistress 100% Gluten Free
Black Widow 100% Gluten Free
Mafia Darling 100% Gluten Free
The Don 100% Gluten Free
CrimAddiction 12 Pack - Naughty Room Pickup Only

CrimAddiction 12 Pack - Naughty Room Pickup Only

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Can't decide which naughty treat you want? If you want it all, our Criminal Desserts Addiction Packs are made for you!

Each Addiction Pack is 100% Gluten Free and holds an assortment of our naughty treats (12 Units of Pleasure):

3 x Bad Boy Brownies

3 x The Mistress

2 x Black Widow

2 x Mafia Darling

2 x The Don

When you can't decide, have them all. Your friends and family will love you for this!

Naughty Room Pick Up Only

100% Certified Gluten Free

Allergens: nuts, eggs & dairy