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Mob Box
Peter Scott
Luscious Birthday Treats

10 out of 10, would buy again!
(Or get for free if we win the voucher - please and thank you)
Epic desserts - best food ever!


Henchmen biscuits are scrumptious, they are a generous size, have a fantastic peanut butter taste topped with yummo chocolate. They are a tasty snack option for coeliacs and are very moreish.


I have coeliac disease and I often recommend Butter Mafia to other coeliacs, but they’re delicious for everyone! The Mistress and the Mafia Darling are my favourite


I have coeliac disease and I often recommend Butter Mafia to other coeliacs, but they’re delicious for everyone! The Mistress and the Mafia Darling are my favourites

Great Gift Idea

Super easy option for a gluten free gift!

Xmas Brownie

Xmas in July with a boozy brownie. It's an amazing treat

Classics Pack
Jo Ann Tan
Not Your Typical GF Sweets

We came to the shop to get some desserts and it blew our minds. Kenn the owner was very lovely and let us sample a few different flavour. We couldn't decide which one was best so we took a box of these home so we could have them all. We will definitely be back for more.


Such a delightful treat and its gluten free!!! I couldnt help but close my eyes while savouring the flavour! Passionfruit and Raspberry Choc were my personal faves. Thanks Kenn for your excellent service! Your desserts definitely made my day

Mob Box
Nicole Salter
Absolutely divine and amazing service!

Ordered the mob box and every single flavour was so decadent and divine in both taste and presentation. Service was amazing and Kenn was an absolute delight to deal with. Highly recommend and will be back!

Best dessert ever

Came across butter mafia by accident on their pop up store. It was so good, I cant stop eating them. Mob wife and black widow are *chef kiss*


Delicious, these are loved by everyone in our household.

Mafia Tasting Pack
Kate Shield
Really delicious

The tasting pack was amazing. There was an amazing range of delicious flavours. You can’t even tell it’s gluten free!

The Mistress
Lois Rowan
Just divine

Delightfully decadent with a delicious tang - just loved it.

Classics Pack
Julie Miller
Sooo yum

Pleased to find GF sweets for an elderly coeliac friend. Chocolate varieties are scrumptious and the lemony are divine. No bad reaction. Very moreish! I'll buy again. Butter Mafia added some extra yums. Very friendly folks.

Great food and great service!

I got this pack for my partner who is celiac and he loved it! Butter Mafia also threw in some additional goodies which was a plus! All delicious!

Best cookie I’ve tried

Really substantial, delicious cookie with peanut butter and chocolate.

The Gangsta
Anna M
Delicious brownie

Tried the Gangsta and it was truly delicious. Can recommend! Peanut butter and choc cookies were amazing too.

Super tasty

Really lovely brownie, can't wait to have another one

Classics Pack
Trudy Dawson
Celiacs Heaven

Butter Mafia Classics Pack & Henchmen Cookies not only do they taste delicious but also very pleasing to the eye. My family and especially my 94 year old Auntie loves them! I will be recommending you to all! Thanks Butter Mafia.

Mafia Tasting Pack
Fiona Bucknall
Incredible - can't tell it's gluten free!

I ordered this pack for my coeliac dad's birthday and the whole family loved them! So good to get to try small bites of many different desserts - the Blonde Bombshell was my favourite. Not to mention Kenn is super lovely and went above and beyond :)

The Mistress
Martine Luckman
Delicious Gluten Free Treats

Love it so did all of my family

Classics Pack
Susan Nguyen
Classics Pack review

Loved the Classics Pack as we got to try all the flavours. They all look and taste good for DAYS! Having different flavours meant the family could try them all. It’s kind of like a box of chocolates but even better! The favourite? The Henchman cookies and Mafia Darling have a balance of saltiness and sweetness.

Mob Box
Sophia Archimandritis
The highest end of the mafia

The butter mafia mob are the most made Morrish high end desserts l have ever tasted I was rather duobious at first as l Am a very good cook myself but I was transformed in a mafia mob chic after the first bit. I know top self ingredients as this dessert team doesn’t compromise on ingredients. I highly recommend these desserts. They are soooo good

Henchmen Cookie
Kahli Migotto-brown

This cookie was all you can hope a cookie could be. Dense and fudgy. Just mouth watering.

Great product, incredible service

These products are out of this world good and the service is sublime! Great work, Butter Mafia!