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One of Life’s simple pleasures!

Decadence at its best , balanced, rich , perfectly crafted , a real European Chocolatey inspired treat, with a coffee this is just a magnificent tune out !

My Dads favourite !

My 80 year old Dad says these are best cookies on the planet and he is nuts for cookies and probably had more in his life than Homer Simpson, pretty hard to disagree with the Don !

Simply the best

Perfect balance of salt with the caramel, silky white chocolate, Al Pacino would love this one !

Sweet treats

The delicious sweets are really amazing. I would like to see some profiteroles also.

Tarty Miss Triss

I loved the tartness blend of the beautiful soft creamy lemon and passionfruit flavour curd and it goes so well with the buttery buscuit base. It's just so good. I can't wait to taste more of your wonderful treats!!

Delicious treats

Absolutely delicious desserts, with a perfect array of different flavours that complement one another.

The Cartel "Tetris Cake"
Tony Loricchiella

Will recommend to friends

The Gang
Bean Buster Coffee
Butter Mafia's "The Gang" Dessert Box

I recently indulged in Butter Mafia's "The Gang" dessert box, and it was an absolute delight from start to finish! Each dessert was impeccably crafted, offering a perfect balance of flavours and textures that left me craving more. The variety in the box is exceptional, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy.
The presentation was beautiful, making it an ideal gift or a special treat for any occasion. The quality of the ingredients truly shines through, with each bite bursting with rich, decadent flavours. Butter Mafia has outdone themselves with this dessert box – a must-try for any dessert lover. It is highly recommended!


Absolutely 10 stars!!
Everything I tried was amazing!
Chicken toasty was so amazing and tasty. I can't wait to try your cheese toasty.
The cheesecake was superb and my favourite slice and also loved the lemon passionfruit and the lemon slice.
Can't wait to come back and try some more of Ken's delights!. 😋

Truly scrumptious!

This is the perfect Butter Mafia pack in my opinion!
One of each of my favourites, all of which just melt in your mouth and make you groan with pleasure!
Bought this pack and took it to Sydney to share with the ladies of our family for Mothers Day. They want you to open a store there now please! 😊

What a slice ❤️

Just so delicious. Loved the curd and wonderful crumb base. Positively perfect. Can’t wait to have again.

Best caramel slice 😍

All these slices are amazing but my favourite is the caramel one. I didn’t feel sick after it at all and just wanted more 🤤🤤

My little boys favorite

My little boy loves his Cheese cake. Him and I vist Ken nearly every we. My boy has his favorite little treat and his visit with Ken!!!

Yum with a side of wonderful

Just perfect forum and I on our special day. Thanks Ken for you and your team's culinary expertise and love of great food.

Miss Tress

This was so enjoyable, you think you are going to bite into a hard slice but then your teeth hit the soft curd and it explodes with flavour! The biscuit base gels it all together nicely. Definitely a favourite!!

Mum’s Delight

Such a wonderful combination, fruity and fluffy. A scrumptious base topped with so many layers of decadence! Absolutely delicious, a very special treat enjoyed by all the family.


Absolutely amazing! Wouldn’t even know it’s gluten free! Thank you Butter Mafia


I wish i could get my hands on these in every cafe because BM arent very close by. They are crunchy, moist, generously filled with choc and I love the salted peanut butter twist. Will definitely order again or grab if in the area!!


Can be so hard to find great gf treats that are as good as the 'regular' versions if not better, but butter mafias were just that. Better, tastier, lighter than most of the gluten filled versions i'd grown up with. We ordered a box of 8 bars to sample, as we couldnt decide on one flavour, and everyone loved them (even those who didnt 'need' to eat gf). Also grabbed some cookies as we never find giant gf versions in cafes and they were amazing... moist and crunchy, generously filled with choc with a slight saltiness/peanut butter twist. Delivery was hassle free too since we aren't very close to either locations.


Bought this for a friend’s birthday who lives away from me. She is loving the slices and delivery was spot on!
Will definitely buy from here again!

Tasty and tasty

It has the balance of creaminess and not too sweet. The cheesecake base is buttery and nutty. So yummy

Buttermafia the Queen

Absolutely stunning looking cake layers of delicious gluten free goodness and amazing customer service thank you so much

Mother's Day Tasting Hamper
Phil O
great food and even better service

very happy with the goodies, the boxed presentation and the very helpful and friendly service.

Sleeping with the gluten free fishes

I cannot attest to the taste as I bought this particular cake for a coeliac, and felt as though it was my duty to ensure they got to enjoy every last bite.

They described the taste as "heavenly, decadent, smooth and not too cream cheesey".

As a professional chef my thoughts extend to this: a lot of love and care goes into these products and for this reason I am comfortable and happy to encourage anyone to try any and all of what butter mafia has to offer