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Best GF brownie there is!

I'm so glad I bought "The Kingpin Brownie" block for the family bbq, as I got to indulge in my favourite dessert without feeling awful and paying for my bad decisions the next day. I love how you can sample before buying - there's so many delicious flavours to choose from so it's worth sampling to find the right one! Definitely my new go-to for everything GF - I can't wait to try the chicken toastie for lunch next time I'm at Dandy market!


This is my absolute favourite lemon slice 🤗 I actually crave it and feel my mouth watering when I think of it haha 🤤
Shout out to the gorgeous Kevin at the Dandenong market shop 😇

You had me at Hello

The best brownies in the world. The selection of with nuts and no nuts is a great idea.

A Celebration of the Best

A great way of trying all the different slices however the cookie OMG the cookie the best cookie I have had in my whole life. Not only are they the best they are huge so enough to enjoy everything single time.

Celiac’s Best Friend

I took a plate of these slices to a friends birthday party and my celiac friends almost cried with joy at the flavor of them. Sooooo gooood.

Vegan Heaven!!

I bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loved it. We’ll definitely have it again.

Give me more!!

This cake was to die for. I wanted to run to my room and eat it all myself. Instead, I shared it with a group of friends who all loved it as much as me.

Black Widow

Delectable, decadence, so obviously made with love and premium ingredients.

The Kingpin Pack
Jassiara Emmins
Best GF treats ever!

I’m so pleased I came across Butter Mafia recently. It has been the best GF treats I ever had. I highly recommend to anyone who misses eating yummy sweets.

Scrumptious & best tasting sweets

Gift for son who said most delicious slices & cookies - such a great surprise

One of my Butter Mafia favourites

No brownies come close to Butter Mafia brownies, but it's so hard to choose a favourite amongst all Butter Mafia brownies, but this is one of the brownies I keep re-ordering. Even though I keep promising myself that I'll make a small order next time, it never happens.

Coffee Addiction

Yes I admit I’m a coffee addict! To find this tasty GF coffee treat that Butter Mafia makes was amazing and I keep going back for more.
I love and have tried most of Kenn’s tasty treats but this is my favourite 😍

These cookies made me very popular

With a number of people at work with dietary restrictions, morning teas had gotten pretty bland to cater to everyone's needs. These cookies are a lifesaver - incredible, delicious and ticking som many boxes!! thank you!! they were loved by EVERYONE

Absolutely delicious. Bought for my partner, who is allergic for gluten; was very glad she shared because neither of us missed the gluten at all.


It was absolutely delicious. Everybody needs to go gluten free even if you don’t have to. With treats like this, there’s no need to ever eat gluten again.

So yummy!

Everything I bought was so delicious! I bought it to share with my boyfriend's family and everyone loved it - such a crowd pleaser. You can tell Butter Mafia put so much care into creating the perfect flavour. Will definitely be back for more.

Was scrumptious and gooey in middle.


This slice is so delicious. Tangy, sweet, smooth and totally moorish thank goodness I bought 2 of them. Being coeliac doesn’t feel so bad when there’s such delicious desserts around. Thank you BM!

Want more

Lovely tart with the right Lemon zing and sweet taste of passionfruit yum!

very nice

this slice was just right. could not tell it was plant based. was not heavy at all

so delish

loved this one. not over powering with lemon. Sooo delish


loved the centre, so smooth and yummy

OMG, I'm in Heaven

I was lucky enough to finally visit Butter Mafia recently and purchased one of Kenn's amazing brownie's. I had to remind myself I had to share this amazing tasty treat with the other coeliac in the house, my son! It was so hard. But wow we are both going to go back and purchase again I think. Absolutely to die for. 10/10

Loved it!

Bought this gift box for my 40th birthday event and it went down a treat. Everyone loved the slices and biscuits, and I was very happy to keep the truffles and sauce for myself! The gift box packaging was also a delight.


My son is over the moon that I've introduced him to the Butter Mafia "OG BAD BOY" I only wished that I'd captured his expression of the first trial bite at the Dandenong Market! One slab could have gone all at once ;) His words - "this is amazing"